World Commerce Assoc - WCA sells security systems

Spokane, Washington 1 comment
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I just received a call from World Commerce Assoc.The supposedly sell alarm systems.

The telemarketer just went right into her scripting. We are on the national "Do Not Call List." I asked the girl where they were located, She wouldn't tell me except to say they are a nationwide company. I asked where "she" was sitting - wouldn't tell me. Then I said, "Ok - tell your boss I'm going to sue the *** out of them for violating my rights under the DNC list.

Next call - the FCC to report them. They are scammers! When she called she asked for my boyfriends "wife" and said we had filled out a survey to receive a free home security system. That never happened.

The phone number that came in on my caller ID was 855-226-1195. I called it back and it is that company that just called me.

If you get calls from this company, make sure to report them.


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #368004

We are always getting annoyed with unwanted tellemarketing calls.Then the second one is debt collectors to another party who had recently had my number.

I called several times to let the be aware of that this person no longer has the number. they tell me they will remove my name off the list. It is annoying when you get about 6 calls a day from these people.

Who do I report this to?Any tips on how to stop telemarketers calling you so often in a day?

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